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    Default Home Built Radial Extractor Help/Advice?

    I'm a second year beekeeper in WV. I had success my first summer with luck on honey flows, and no disease. So...I plan on expanding this summer.

    Along those lines, I am into 'stuff' sometimes, and built my own radial extractor, and entered it in a contest (that's almost over) sponsored by Craftsman....and I need some advice...

    (You can see my extractor here)

    I built the extractor for PERSONAL USE (not for commercial/resale honey production)...but I've had a little trouble finding legit sources (I've had lots of speculation...but no real links) to companies that might provide good food grade paint, with which to coat the axle/comb-frame holder...

    Obviously, I'm aware of why people use stainless liners in extractors, and I'm aware my plastic liner could potentially impart impurities to my honey. That said, the honey would only be in contact with the plastic/steel for a short period....but I'd like to coat them both with food grade paint, just in case.

    On steel parts...I have heard you can powder coat using food grade media...anyone know much about that? What about 'paint on/spray on' solutions....any ideas?

    For the plastic liner...I have concerns about paint 'flaking off' and wonder if I'd be safer to just leave it 'as is'. Obviously, if I can scrounge up some stainless, I'm just going to change the liner out to stainless...but that won't be anytime soon.

    I was just wanting some ideas. I waited to post this until after the 'competition' the machine is in was almost complete (so people didn't think I was posting to get votes in the contest it was originally entered in).

    Any help/direction is appreciated.

    Again...this is for PERSONAL USE...and I will not be producing honey for sales/etc with this machine.

    In any event...let me know of suggestions/known suppliers of paint, etc.

    Hope your bees are well, and they have plenty of stores put up!

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    If you check the bottom of the trash can used as a liner, rubber maid makes two varieties (white and gray) that are approved for food contact, and therefore ok.

    Camcote is the stuff of choice for food grade epoxy.

    I saw this the other day, and thought it was a really cool looking design. I like mine better but there's something about the old washing machine that is all kinds of cool. One leg looks like it has a control panel/post/motor built into it. Could you power the thing from that for bonus points? - Tales of Beekeeping and Honeybees

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    I have to compliment you on the website, you did a nice job putting it together.

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    I saw a homemade extractor once that only used a food grade barrel liner in a cylinder of stiff screen wire for a body. It was attached to a wood frame and had a simple metal basket to hold the frames and a small motor to turn it and voila -- cheap extractor.

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    what would the min. RPM be to extract all honey from the frames?
    2nd year beek, 3 hives!

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    Hilarious page, xC0000005.
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