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    Default yep derek is little johhny

    The kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting at home and relate it to the class the next day. When the time came for the kids to give their reports, the teacher was calling on them one at a time. She didnt want to call upon Derek, knowing that he could come up with some crude things .But eventualy she ran out of kids to call upon and had to call on Derek. Derek walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard, then sat back down. This baffled the teacher half afraid to ask what Derek had in mind for his report on something exciting, she asked him just what that was."It's a period" reported Derek. "Well I can see that" she said. "but what is so exciting about a period. "Darned if I know" said Derek, "but this morning my sister in college said she had missed one. all of a sudden Daddy had a heart attack, Mommy fainted and the man next door shot himself."

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    Good! Really Good!!
    Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afraid to move.


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