A city guy was driving along down the highway and noticed a cowboy riding a horse in the median. He pulled over, being a great fan of Westerns and wanted to talk to his first live cowboy. "I've always been interested in cowboys, especially as a kid and never out grew it. I gotta ask about the clothes you guys wear and what that's all about. Why do you guys wear hats shaped like those instead of ball caps?" 'The curls keep the sun out of my eyes and off my ears', said the cowboy. What's with the scarf? You'renot gonna rob a bank are you?" 'It can get pretty dusty out on the trail and the bandana keeps the dust out of my nose if I need it'. "OK, what about the leather things on your legs?" 'Chaps- these protect me and the horse from rough brush when we're out ridin' in sage brush country.' "Now, I really gotta know- why the red sneakers?" 'I can't have people thinkin' I'm a dang truck driver, now can I?"