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    Big Grin could derek be the real little johnny

    Little Derek was out of school for the summer. He had gotten up early and was into trouble with his mother from the get go. Trying to find something to occupy Derek his mother suggested he go across the street where there was carpenters building a new house. She told Derek to watch and learn. Little Derek left right away. He returned home about lunch time. Telling his mother he was on lunch break she offered to fix him some lunch Derek declined and went out back to play. After a little while his mother heard the worst cussing she had ever heard comming out of Dereks mouth. She went outside to find Derek had all his sisters dolls lined up cussing at them telling them they had better get the sheet rock hung and the roof shingled. Dereks mother asked Derek where he had learned such language he said he had learned it at the constuction site earlier in the morning. She promptly sent Derek to his room until his father got home. Upon his fathers arrival his mother told him what had happend. He went to Dereks room had a talk with him explaining while it was partly his mothers fault. He was going to have to do something to punish him to appease her. He told Derek to go out in the yard and get a switch. Derek looked at his dad and said " Forget you dad Im not doing the electricians job.
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    Ha! Your times coming.
    Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afraid to move.


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