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    Default Dereks beekeeping meeting with the pope

    Driving around one afternoon trying to figure out how to improve his beekeeping skills. Derek drives by a catholic church. Thinking man if I could get the pope on my side I bet I could have the best hives a fellow could ever want. He pulls in to go talk with the father. The father had nothing but encouragement for Derek even going so far as to tell him he was personal friends with the Pontiff and he could get him in to meet the pope. Derek excited left and bought 2 plane tickets to the vatican for the next day. Upon arriving they took a cab to a local bakery and got some donuts before going on to the vatican. Once at the vatican they sat out front eating donuts waiting for the pope to appear. The father started to act noticable nervous. Derek growing bored waiting had started throwing peices of donuts on the ground trying to get the pigeons from the bell tower to come down where he could try and catch one. When all of a sudden the pope appeared at the door. The Father asked Derek to wait while he first went and talked with the pope. Towards the end of the conversation the pope pointed up down then to each side. Derek thought "wow" this is great things must be going well the pope just blessed him. The Father returned from the pope and told Derek come on grab your things we got to get out of here quick. Derek being confused said but I havent met the Pope. The father said you dont understand we got to get out of here the Pontiff is not happy. Derek now more confused than ever said but the pope blessed you. The father looking at derek said you have got to be kidding I dont really no the pope Im just the church janitor. The Pope wasnt blessing me he was actually pointing up to the bell tower telling me to leave the pigeons alone then pointing down he said to pick up the donuts. Point at you he said get derek and pointing at the gate he said get out of here before I call the police.
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    I'll get ya back.
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    Before I saw the entire title of this thread, I thought Derek was going to have a beekeeper's meeting and I was going to get to meet him.
    So many little time.


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