A blonde sat down in the barbers chair at a salon to have her hair cut. The stylist asked her to remove the headphones she was wearing. She explained to the stylist she couldnt do that that it would be certain death for her. After argueing back and forth the stylist agrees to cut her hair with the headphones on. She gladly payed the stylist and went on her way. When she arrived home her husband told her she had gotten the worst haircut he had ever seen. So she loaded up and went back to the salon. The stylist agreed to finish the hair cut but she would have to remove the headphones. Again they argued over the headphones. after sometime the stylist said "look someone is playing a terrible joke on you and assured her she would not die if she took them off. After offering to finish the haircut for free and more assurance she would not die if she took off the headphones she agreed. The stylist turned around to get ready to cut her hair when he heard her fall on the floor. Upon turning around he and the other stylists was astonished to find she was indeed dead on the floor. In disbelief they decided to see what she was listening to on the headphones that was keeping her alive. Picking them up and listening they heard "breath in.... breath out..... breath in..... breath out"