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    Default drunken redneck in church

    A drunken redneck still drunk from the night before was stagering down the street one sunday morning when he came upon a church. Out front the sign said "todays sermon is on the perils of alcohol" This got the rednecks attention. He went into the church had a seat and waited patiently for the sermon to start. When the Preacher finally got to the sermon. The redneck perked right up in his seat and listened. The preacher started out by setting 2 bottles up on the pulpit. and said "ladies and Gentleman I have here 2 bottles one containing holy water and another with alcohol. Today I will prove once and for all alcohol can and will kill you." At this point the preacher got out a worm and a pair of tweezers. Dunking the worm in the holy water he brought it out for all to see. The worm was wigglen around and full of life. He then dipped it in the alcohol pulled it out and showed the congregation that the worm had indeed died. With that the Preacher said. This proves right there that alcohol can and will kill the very life out of you." The drunk hereing this stood up looked at the preacher and said "That doesnt prove that alcohol kills ya it just proves if you drink alcohol you wont have worms."
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