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    Default 3 pregnant women talking

    a redhead, Brunette and blonde all pregnant was setting around one day discussing there pregnancies. When the redhead told the other girls she couldnt wait to have her little baby boy, the blonde amazed asked how she knew she was going to have a boy. The Redhead explained that her doctor had told her that it all came down to the position she was in when she conceived, The brunnette agreed and told her her doctor had told her the same thing but that she was in fact going to have a girl. The blonde began crying her eyes out hysterically. Once they got her calmed down they asked her why she was so upset. She looked at them with the most serious face and said. " I m going to have puppies"

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    Very good!! I just showed this to my wife. She is due in 2 weeks (Really). For some reason she did not laugh about the last part.
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    Oh wait, wrong thread................................
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