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    Default a farmer and his animals

    One morning an old farmer was having his morning coffee when he looked out into the barn yard to find a stranger out in the lot messing with his animals. The farmer went out and confronted the stranger only to have the stranger tell him he was talking to the animals and he meant no harm. The farmer not believing him decided to go along with the guy and said "so if you are talking to the animals just what did the ole mule over there tell ya." The stranger said well that mule you got over there has a limp and when he asked why the mule told him that he had a burr caught up under his hoof and was causing him great pain. The farmer went over lifted the mules leg and sure enough under the hoof was a burr. he removed the burr and then said ok I still dont believe you did you talk to the milk cow. he said he sure had and the milk cow had told him she had a chaffed udder and it was painful when he milked her. The farmer got down and checked sure enough one of her udders was indeed chaffed. Looking up in disbelief the farmer looked at the stranger and ask. "Now just what did them lying sheep tell ya"
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