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    Default Bee keepers in Vancouver, WA ????

    Moving from Stevenson to Vancouver this summer and want to take my two hives. I need to know rules and regs for beekeeping there. Unable to contact anyone from Clark County Beekeepers Assn and the Clark County/Vancouver website was unable to provide any help--difficult to navigate the site. Moving to Cascade Park area to a 1/4 acre lot. There is ample area for the hives but would have to be up against fences of the neighbors. I probably can deal with the neighbors but need to know the laws. Thanks

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    I'm in the Clark County Bee Keeeper Association, Been looking in the phone book, not sure what the laws would be under, General info for Vancouver is 360-696-8200. They might have a clue . There's a number for code inforcement ,not sure if you would want to stir that up . Several members have hives in and around Vancouver and I have heard of no problems. If your neighbors don't complain your good.

    Might be better to just talk with the neighbors and do it, If theres a complaint you can move them. I'm about 8 miles out , you can put them here if you need to. Email me if the number dosn't fly. My wife put up the CCBk web page . If its the same one your talking about, its just a myspace account not a paid for web page. We are behind over here.
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    Default Re: Bee keepers in Vancouver, WA ????

    So, are there any regulation on beekeeping in Vancouver, WA? Do I need to register the hive(s)?


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