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    Default Community Feeding Questions?

    I have heard community feeding causes problems, robbing, etc. I have seen several big yards 50 hives + wih big feeders nearby. What are the commercial keepers thoughts on this? How is the best way to community feed? I have seen drums and buckets with straw in the top. Thanks for any input!

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    Default We do it

    We feed like that some. We do it in small kiddie pools filled with the feed and pinestraw in there to help with the drownings. We feed the weaker hives in the same yards with bottles and pools for the rest. Our pools are placed over 20 ft away from the hives. This is done to simulate a necter flow as most of the time we mix Mega-Bee with the suyrp. We start now to have bees building up when our minor flows start here in GA. Everybody has what works best for them barrels, buckets, little pools. Dad use the pools because they are cheap, fairly shallow, and wide giving plenty of room for bees to get at. Now this will cause robbing as any bug that attracts to bee feed will come eat too. You just have to accept that and try and keep a distance from others to avoid feeding his bees. Commercial Beekeepers are very respectful of our bee space we usally won't place bees within a few miles of each other just kind of an unspoken rule. We try to respect a 3 mile range ourselves.


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