My goodness, I should be working but this is too fascinating not to keep it coming... I will do a "checkerboard' search to find out what that almost sounds as if you put one super facing east and west and the other north and south but that would have to bee supers with eight frames I would think. I'll find an answer to checkerboarding later...

But I have probably the silliest question of all. I am a gardener. Have been one since forever. But I do not know the signs of "nectar flow". How do you know if the nectar is flowing? Am I watching the bees? Do I watch the flowers with bees on it... How do I know?

And your hive configuration is one deep with THREE mediums on top? then you add honey supers? Why do you keep the deep? Do you never rotate the supers? So many quesitons... so much to learn... what a fabulous hobby!

Great advise, just great... I am copying and pasting these for rereading during winter.