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    So you have time to pipe clamp each side of a hive, but cant find the time finger joint. Ok. You say your cutting boards have not broken at the seams yet. Ok. Are these cutting boards out in the weather 24/7? Put one out there and see how it does. Having been on the receiving end of home made equipment over the last 15 years I can say one thing for certain -- most "put-together" equipment is not worth a , especially when made with rabbett-joints. Some jokers are even using green wood they cut down in their backyards, with knots the size of dinner plates. If that works for you, great. When I buy used hives like that I just transfer the bees and give the rest away. You lose a few hives to brood chill/robbing/falling apart and you realize that it is worth the extra money to buy decent equipment.
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