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i am trying to decide between 2 deeps or 3 mediums for my first hives.
while i certainly see the advantages of the mediums (weight and interchangeability) i wonder what people think about how to deal with getting nucs - as they seem to be primarily raised in deeps.
are there other equipment issues that i will run into if i have no deeps in my hives? things like "drone frames" or anything else that might only come in deep?
i have even seen it setups of 1 deep sandwiched between 2 mediums (in the Ross Conrad book Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture)
thanks in advance for any thoughts
I got my nuc from a medium and stayed with mediums but I believe mine starved to death (found them this last week) so this year I am going with a deep brood and three to four mediums. Being my age I want to stay mediums due to weight even though I won't harvest. If you are strong and young then do as you wish. I like your first idea.