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    Default Honey Recipes.... Chefs Opinion on it all

    Two months ago, I was hired to consult for a honey packing company along with 3 other chefs. The job was simple... come up with marketable recipes that use honey. Simple it was, yes and the pay was nice as well. Couldnt say no to it.

    However, I have seen two ships passing in the night so to say. See, a lot of people want recipes that really glorify the honey... the taste and flavor that is. However, to be honest, it is somewhat very diffacult to do that. Honey is a sweetner at the very basic with notes of whatever varietal it is however... it is the varietal tastes that get lost when using it in cooking and baking.

    It is like using a very expensive extra virgin olive oil or a very aged balsamic vinegar. These are best used at the end of the dishes. If they are used in the process of cooking and baking, the true flavor of those items are lost.

    At the very basic, it is BEST for the person who wants to cook and bake with honey NOT to look for the notes and charactorists of the honey to pull through. However, the first and farmost thing is to look to reduce or elimante any of the white sugar that is in recipes.

    There are exceptions, yes. But in the last two months, we have cooked near 1200 recipes and as chefs, have concluded this thought together.

    There are simple preperations, like salad dressings, that are exceptions to this. However, more complex things like Honey Almond Creme Brule, even using the strongest honey, it is still lost in the process of baking.

    I hope this helps people. I am not here to argue at all but to shed some light on this as I do think people, customers and beekeepers, have this notion that if they cook and/or bake with honey that there item should have a pronounced honey taste and flavor to it.

    Hope this helps.
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