Thanks, Jack, for explaining it so well.

Apparently, at this early stage nobody knows what the fees will be! At some point later on the details will, apparently be posted. As I recall, that happens about the time people have given up and made other plans.

I think, from Jack's note, people can get an idea what EAS is about, but I know many are not really sure what the "short course" and "conference"s all about, since the organisation is so different from other meetings. I know I attended the Maine EAS, and I am still not clear on how all that works.

EAS people are so familiar with the format that it seems they cannot appreciate how strange it appears to those who have never been.

Of course, for those who are not concerned about budget, the answer is to just dive in, but for those looking at doing the meeting on a shoestring, knowing what to plan is much more difficult.

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not knocking EAS. I am confused, though by the format, and lack of clear info for newbees.

By all means, go. I'll see you there.