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    Default Re: Where to keep bees in the winter?

    Is there a summary anywhere on the web of the states where you can legally import bees on comb? I see here in this thread Louisiana is off limits. What about Alabama around Mobile, South Carolina close to the eastern shore, anywhere in Florida, TX or Mississippi gulf coast area?


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    Default Re: Where to keep bees in the winter?

    To get into Fl you must be inspected and have inspection certificate. You will then be inspected in Fl yearly,(afb is burned and you are quarintined) with a yearly fee depending on number of colonies.

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    Default Re: Where to keep bees in the winter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Palmer View Post
    May I ask? Why don't you winter them in Indiana?
    Maybe he wants to work bees all year round. Or maybe he just wants an excuse to get out of Indiana for the winter. Not a bad idea. Then again, he wouldn't be able to cross country ski, like some folks I know.
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