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    Default off topic: bee in my house

    hi, I didn't really know where else to ask, and googled for some honey bee forums

    anyways, here in Toronto, its about 0 degrees fahrenheit today
    I found a honey bee inside my house buzzing around the window trying to fly outside

    any idea if I may have a hive or something in my wall ?
    I've searched around, and can't find a source or other bees, so I'm lost

    any ideas ?


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    Default bee in house

    Very possible,if you have a hive in the wall, ceiling,attic,ect. and and they see a light they will go to it.I would think their would or will be more than one.With the weather being so cold up where you are, they probably won!t be moving (flying)much until it warms up.When the temp. get!s up to 50 degrees walk around the house and see if you can see any flying in and out some place.Good luck.Jack


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