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    Default Pollen Patty Mixers

    For those of you who mix there own pollen patties what type of mixer do you all use?

    I have a Kushlan mortar mixer. At this point I'm am looking for something that does bigger batches. I was interested what other beekeepers use. I've been looking at meat mixers with larger tubs and also bigger mortar mixers. Brands would help me too.



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    We use a cement mixer. We have removed half of the paddles and it works pretty good.

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    why did you remove some of the paddles? i have been useing a cement mixer also it works ok but would be nice to mix a bigger batch. Nick

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    It just seems to work better if you remove some of the paddles. We actually have two cement mixers we use, one very large mixer and another regular mixer. Works pretty good because, in the time you are forming patties, you can be mixing another batch in the second mixer so it's just a continuous process. You can do this with as few as two people but three is better.

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    Default kind of mixer

    I have been looking but what kind of mixer do you recomend? I have been going over to a fellow beek in WI but would like to get my own. I am making up about 800 lbs


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