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    Default Liquid sucrose near Bakersfield. Pollination question

    Gonna bee doing some feeding the next couple of weeks near Bakersfield and was wondering where the closest outlet was for liquid sucrose.

    And by the way, I pollinate apples, peaches and cherries in Utah a few weeks after I come out of the almonds. I have one grower who will not let me place my hives until the trees are starting to bloom. He says the bees will get started working the dandelions and not go to the trees. My other grower lets me place them early and gets a great set. It makes it hard when I have to wait and wait and then put them all in in a couple of days. I think he's a reasonable man and if I could show him a study or something that would confirm my thought that it doesn't matter when you put them in as long as they're there when the trees are blooming it would be very helpful... Unless he is right and I'm wrong and a study would show otherwise. Anyway, any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Mann lake has one. Call them and order and then get appointment with Jeff. He is off 58 and weedpatch hwy.
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    Regretably, your grower is right. The bees will start enjoying the high sugar content in the dandolin nectar and won't work fruit with lower sugar content. This is especially true with pears. Notice around Bakersfield, they plow under anything that blooms. Your farmer has done his home work.

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    Default Late delivery

    I agree with jjg especially regarding pears but apples and stone fruit are highly attractive to bees. What will cure him of this demand is one year when you CAN'T get them in at the last minute for some reason and he has bloom but no bees.


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