I love my honda elite (80cc) for a daily commuter. No, it's not a fully blown cycle but it gets 85 miles to the gallon and the top speed is WAY beyond what the morons at the cycle shop insist it can go. I've actually found I like fixing the twist and go type scooters (I've had another elite, and two areos over to work on since)

Today I had a chance to pick up a chinese scooter for a pitance. My wife had pleasant memories of owning a 50cc scooter as a teen. It's a cheap chinese knockoff that has had a close encounter of the concrete kind on the left side at least once in its lifetime. Plastics on the rear are cracket and probably disposable - I've seen happy meal toys with more weight to them.

It sure does zip with my daughter on board (about half my weight). I spent some quality time on the brakes and fixing some sundry crud and I'm trying to locate a repair manual for it. I had one response that said "It won't help, it's in Chinese." I have chinese co-workers whome I can coerce into translating.

Anyone else like to work on these twist and go jobs? Tomorrow I'm going to try and figure out why the electric start doesn't.