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    We have done quite a few cut outs and swarm captures but have never tried to get bees out of a structure with out cutting into the structure.
    One of my friends recently discovered bees going in and out of a hole that leads into his ceiling. There is apparently no access to this void and he wants to avoid damaging the ceilling (wall board). I am concerned that even if we sucessfully trap out the colony that the abandoned comb with honey and brood will become a magnet for roaches. His wife is from somewhere up north and she runs screaming if she sees one roach or ant (here in florida we just throw a saddle on them and ride them to the neighbors) Any one have experience with this?

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    Oh yea Palmetto bugs, didn't someone just die in FL from eating those? Anyway, you're right that the comb will be attractive to a whole list of other critters. FL has no shortage of roaches and they would move in pretty quickly. If you have to do a trapout look for posts by Cleo Hogan or better yet send him an email through beesource. He's got a LOT of experience with trapouts. He is very generous with his secrets and will email you some pdf files with some good info.
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    Tell your friend that he can either have the comb taken out now, or call a pest control company to spray for all kinds of insects, (ants, roaches, even mice) and a contractor later when the honey is dripping through the ceiling.... his choice.
    Not sure which way the wife would go with it when the ceiling gets pulles and hundreds of dead ants and roaches drop from the ceiling. She may run all the way back home. lol
    It gets REAL costly to leave comb from an established colony!


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