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    Default Similar situation


    A fellow beek in my area acquired an old water heater than had been laying outside and was filled with a colony. This water heater had two openings. The bees were using a small pipe as an entrance. At the other end was the drain which they weren't using.

    After receiving several people's opinions she finally decided to sacrifice the comb and just get the bees out. She had planned on slowly filling the tank with water until it was completely full or until the majority of the bees were out. Obviously some will perish in the water but as you state, using a grinder would just get them pretty upset. This option was the opinion of several other beeks.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you the result of this since I haven't been able to ask her how things went. But I'm just throwing this out there as another possible option for you.

    Good luck!

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    Default When the going gets tough the tough gets grinding!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by honeyman46408 View Post
    There may not bee any fumes in it now but when you start cutting (grinding) there will bee so take the above advise and do not use a grinding wheel ! ! !
    When the the going gets tough the tough gets grinding!!!!

    I probably cut a few thousand fuel tanks off the car with an acetylene cutting torch!!!! Still got both my peepers, all my digits, and my good looks, just lost my hair, it fell out over many moons. Loved that gal Many Moons.

    I suspect the advice about bees not choosing a home that reeked of gas is true. Notice I said "spect".

    BTW, never had but one tank go ballistic on me and it was an "empity un"
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    One little fact you need to keep in mind. Per volume, gasoline has more potential energy stored in it than TNT. Now just how many fumes would you need to release from the pores of the metal to make you wish you hadn't?
    That is what most people dont understand metal has "pores" and when you apply heat to a tank that had gas in it for "years?" it starts "cooking" out, now I know the chances are slim that you will have an explosion but how much are da bees worth??
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