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    Default Options on forklift - please advise

    I have been using a bobcat for years. Now, I am considering purchasing a new beekeeping forklift and have several questions before I make a decision.
    What model have found handier in beekeeping? Just as an example let say Hummerbee Turbo or XL?
    I would like to have the high speed (2 speed) Turbo has, but prefer to weigh as less as possible.
    What kind of tires do you prefer? They offer liquid filled. My friend has foam filled on his Swinger, but as I understood they are very heavy close to 1000lbs all 4. Is XL able to lift a tote?
    Do you find the 4 Clamps useful and worth about $2250 ?
    What other options have you found to be useful? I will list some of them:
    1. Soft Cab Assembly with storage bag.
    2. Hydraulic Scale Gauge
    3. Block heater
    4. 4th valve w/detent & quick couples
    5. Full Suspension seat with adjustable back angle & lumbar support
    6. Bucket/clamp ready 4th valve with relief & internal hosing in mast
    7. Additional light with bracket
    8. Additional Breaker (required with more than 7 Lights)
    9. Extended mast light bracket to 12” and swing away
    10. Additional light extended and swing away
    11. Additional switch circuit
    12. Amber lights
    13. Front fenders
    14. Counterweight
    15. Expanded metal rear grill guard
    16. Single drum grabber
    17. Spare tire
    And Thank you.
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    Default Re: Options on forklift - please advise

    I bought an XL and it does everything I want it to do. I pick up pallets of sugar that weigh 2500 lbs so full totes are not an issue. I use the canvas can only in winter when I use the snow blower. Nice to keep the wind and snow off your face. Mine has a block heater; easier on the engine starts when it's bitter cold. Also got the seat you mentioned. Much easier on the back. I just got regular lights but I don't load at night.


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