I found this data about using Crisco and sugar and I read it a 2nd time.
I noticed that the reported ratios were not in agreement

Use shortening that is considered to be a vegetable shortening, such as (the solid white) Crisco.
Sugar should be white granulated, however, powdered sugar has been used.
Shortening to sugar ratio is 1:2 (ex. 1 lb. of shortening to 2 lbs. of sugar.)
( 2 pounds sugar: 1 pound Crisco)
Patty placement should be on top bars in the brood nest of the colony, where bees are forced to eat.
Patty size should be about 1/2-1 lb.
Additional patties can be given to the colonies if consumed.
Continuous exposure to the shortening can help reduce mite populations.

I think the following source is accurate:

Smith and graduate student Diana Sammataro decided to investigate whether vegetable fat applications really were a practical method of mite control. They made ten-ounce hamburger-shaped patties of two parts Crisco and one part white sugar ( 2 parts Crisco: 1 part sugar)--the purpose of the sugar being to attract the bees. Then they put the patties in 20 infected honeybee colonies, replacing them as needed so the bees could wallow at will in the sweet and greasy mix. An equal number of colonies got sugar patties made without Crisco.
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