Quote. Bobn "See you at NEFFA?
We have been going fo 25 yrs. January is Ralph Page legacy. Our family friends are contra musicians.
I know the tunes and can play slow penny whistle but mostly I play finger style guitar."

Many of the tunes sound nice , and sometimes even better when played slowly. A few that come to mind are Caliope House, Mairi's Wedding, andWissahican Drive (sorry about the spelling)
We've been asked to play NEFFA and came close last year but our schedule never seemed to fit since three of us play with more than one group.
I think we may do it this year coming up. If so, it will probably be with the new band which it seems will be called CoinciDance. We were kind of thrown together to play the Pinewoods Labor Day weekend last year and asked back this year so we decided to try to play together on a more regular basis.