I sort of messed up last week when I started a new batch of Mead.

I thought I had some EC-1118 in the fridge so I mixed up 20 pounds of honey and water with out first checking to be sure I had the yeast. When I found that I had used it all I ordered some on line but got nervous about a wild yeast starting up before I would get the mail order. I ran to Wally World and got some Star Bakers Yeast and tossed a pack of that in and it is bubbling along quite nicely and now my EC-1118 arrived today. I'm wondering if there will be a large difference in alcohol content and sweetness if I let the bakers yeast run its course or should I wait until it stops working and then dump the EC-1118 in and hope for a secondary fermentation that will give it a little more kick with a little less sticky sweetness..