I am heading to an island off of Honduras to help revive a once thriving honey bee population that was wiped out by hurricanes 10 years ago.

There are 5 or so hives being maintained currently there and friends of mine on the island want me to help them increase the number of hives. I want to start raising queens to install in good splits. How can I do this simply with limited supplies? I am interested to hear what other beekeepers out there recommend for a project like this.

I have experience grafting into queen cups but that seems to be too large a scale for what I am trying to accomplish here. Should I just take the queen out of current hives and harvest capped cells? Make queenless splits and give them a frame of eggs to raise their own queen?

Note: Honduras has flowers all year round but swarm season is in March.

Note: I am also in the market for smokers and hive tools and veils...I want to bring supplies to help revive beekeeping there. Thanks