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    Default Proper Medicating Technique

    I have a couple of unrelated questions.

    First, when dusting the end bars with Terramycin Power Mix do you open the hive and smoke the bees? I am asking because I just slid one body back dusted that end, slid the body to the opposite end and dusted, then put it back on straight. This seems to make the bees angry and they flood out or the opening. When I shift the body/put it back on straight I squish a lot of bees. Also, I have three mediums for my hive, when treating with Terramycin which body should I be dusting? The top has honey, both the bottom and middle has brood.

    Second, I have read that you can put some pipe tobacco in your smoker and it will help with varroa mites. Has anyone else heard of this? Should I use some everytime I smoke the bees?

    Just wondering.

    Thanks for any input,

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    Terramycin...first thought is that you should only use this if you have a really good reason ->>>that is that you've had American FoulBrood in the past. If you haven't had a problem with AFB, then you don't need to use it. Many many old school beekeepers use it just because somebody said to.

    I would smoke them before powdering them. I would smoke them before doing anything that may upset them. The TM would primarily go in the brood boxes. If you have 3 brood boxes, just distribute it evenly between the three. You should be only applying a set amount to the whole hive, just split it three ways.

    I've heard too that tobacco smoke drops mites, but also that it will stun or kill bees if you use too much(the nicotine). But sumac heads smoke will drop mites, and so will just regular smoke. I'd use tobacco sparingly.



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