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Here is a 60 sec. video of me using my Kelley vibrating knife and scratching low points on the comb. Notice that you can hardly see the knife vibrating.
Knife blade has one speed. Tempature is controlable.
Also video has audio track.

Is your honey cold? It sure looks to me like you are working hard to uncap a half capped frame of honey. I have seen jiggle knives in use a long time ago and the user pushed the frame across the blade in one easy motion w/out sawing it back and forth like you do. That's what I was expecting to see when I clicked on the video.

I just spent a week of 10 hours days extracting w/ a steam heated hot knife. Comparing what I saw in the video w/ what I experienced firast hand I'd go w/ the steam operated hot knife. Does anyone have a video of a steam heated jiggle knife?

Walt, thanks for the video. Looks like it works for you. I just need to move along a little faster. Good video.