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    Hello All,

    I caught a number of swarms this year and also bought a few local nucs. A number of these hives are hotter than I would like and I am wanting to requeen them in the spring. I also plan on making some splits and will need queens for them.

    I got a few Cordovan queens from Koehens this year and they seem to be gentle. Anyone have other sources that they like? I am up north so I need bees that overwinter well, and am also looking to start breeding my own queens so I want ones that cross well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don Kuchenmeister (FatBeeMan) of Dixie Bee Supply has gentle stock. Not sure about Cordovans but you could check. He's well respected in these forums and by his customers. I've done business with him myself. There's a lot of folks in the "For Sale" section that can help you out as well. They pretty much all have a stake in their name since they hang out here on Beesource. You have plenty of time to ask around unless you're going to do a late fall re-queen.
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