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    Default Fall is Robbing Season.

    Fall is Robbing Season.


    From UC Davis...

    They loiter around a home, slip through an unguarded entrance, grab the treasures, and they're off.

    It's "home invasion" in the insect world: robber bees.

    As resources dwindle, honey bees searching for a free source of sugar invade neighboring colonies........
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    Completely hogwash! Bees do not invade colonies that have been properly prepared and maintained by the beekeeper. To suggest that strong hives invade or pick on weak hives, although true, highlights a particular problem with a particular beekeeper. Perhaps they should get better at preparing their hives and quit making assumptions about what will or will not happen to others.

    Long before fall, a beekeeper should of taken steps and precautions eliminated or combined weak hives. If you have weak hives, its because you did not do your job. Robbing does NOT happen when the beekeeper did the right thing.

    And now they are suggesting that CCD gives additional opportunity for robbers. This is contrary to everything I have read about CCD and the lack of robbing.

    The article or comments are way off base and have little merit, make assumptions of poor beekeeping practices, and in some cases, fly directly in the face of proven fact.


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