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    Default Bees trapped on water??

    Last weekend while fishing I noticed 10-12 honey bees "stuck" to the water..they were buzzing around like crazy but couldn't fly off..My daughter got one on a stick and rescued it..haha..after a few minutes it dried off and flew away.. I noticed them 2 mornings in a row just after daylight..all within a half mile stretch..I dont guess I have ever seen this before..?? have you?? thanks!
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    I find allot of bees drown or just die due to cold temperature or can't find something to hold on,... like this one.

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    Perhaps the little bee could not break the surface tension? I rescued two bees in similar situations while kayaking this summer. What I can't figure out is why they would fall into / land on the water in the first place.
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    If there were a five acre pond and one bee landed on the edge to get water, the next bee to come along will buzz around until they find the first bee, land on it's back and knock it into the water.......... ROFL

    If they loose body temp from being in the water they will be to weak to escape it's grasp. If they become water logged they will become disoriented and actually crawl over an object and back under the water surface on the bottom of the object, making the problem for themselves even worse.

    Typically if they are strong and warm when they fall in they are able to get out fairly quickly if they don't get their wings wet, or if they are close to an object that they can grasp to lift themselves up. If they aren't able to get out one way or the other within a very few minutes they are most often doomed. Their temp drops rapidly when they get wet and quickly become lethargic.
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