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Thread: Re-using frames

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    Default Re-using frames

    Hello Everyone, I have bought an oldtimer out this week. He did not have alot of usable supers left but I did get some un-used supers that look great. Anyway, 8 out of the 10 supers had frames in them. The wax worms had a field day. These old hives have been in storage for about 10 years. What is the best method of cleaning these old frames for re-use? I have been making my own hives and just buying the frames with foundation. Just using all new stuff. I do not want to introduce a package into these hives and risk disease. What is the best method of cleaning. Oh and the best part was the nice Dadant extractor and electric uncapping knife. I would appreciate a little input. Thanks, Nurse Ric

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    Anytime I bought someone elses hives, supers and fames ...I always took my blow torch to them.
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    Those old frames make good kindling --

    For me it depends on the original manufacturer, frame style (I prefer grooved top and bottom bars), and condition (if they're heavily discolored or covered with dirt/wax/propolis, cleaning doesn't seem worth the trouble). Honestly, new Kelley frames look so much nicer.
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