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    Default Jeff Pettis, Kim Flottum in Massachusetts
    WCBA Monthly Meeting

    Saturday October 4, 2008

    8 - 9 am Registration
    Coffee, Danish & Bee Talk

    9am Welcome and Introductions, Mary Duane & Ken Warchol

    9 - 10:15am Colony Collapse Disorder and U.S. Beekeeping, Dr. Jeff Pettis
    What we do and do not know about CCD and where some of the research projects are in relation to CCD.

    10:15 -11:45am Managing Pheromones, Kim Flottum
    What are pheromones, what role do they play in a colony, and how can a beekeeper use these to his or her advantage in colony management.
    11:45am - 12 Short WCBA Business Meeting and Distribution of Beekeeper of the Year Ballots

    12 - 1pm Lunch
    (must be pre-ordered see form on page 5)

    1:15 - 2:30pm Nosema and Other New Threats to Bee Health, Dr. Jeff Pettis
    How the new species of Nosema, N. ceranae, is affecting bee health and what other threats are here in the U.S. or may be waiting offshore!

    2:30 - 4 pm Beekeeping Math, the Numbers Game All Beekeepers Play, Kim Flottum
    Cells in a frame, days from egg to emerge, locating an apiary site, all the honey bee biology factors you need to know to be a good beekeeper, using numbers.

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    You might want to state that Dr. Jeff Pettis is from Penn State University.

    Until they are honest and state what the real cause is, I am wondering how truthful he might really be. The fact that Bayer gives PSU, 2.5 Billion dollars a year and hires over 100 employees coming out of PSU a year, makes be seriously wonder when we, the beekeepers and public, will really know the truth.
    "Where wisdom is called for, force is of little use."
    Herodotus (circa 485-425 BC), Greek Historian

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    errr, even the usda ars website doesn't refer to him as "Dr."

    i really have no idea what his preference is, or if he would be offended by not being referred to as "Dr." i can't say i spend too much time worrying about such things.



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