I'm embarrassed to say I missed a great opportunity. While selling honey at the farmer's market, a customer says, "So I hear the bees are dying and in short supply. What can the average consumer do to help the bees?"

I stammered and rattled on about living more "green," using less pesticides, asking what's in the food we buy and the water we drink and moving toward products that use the least amounts of chemicals, and buying products that don't threaten bees by polluting our environment.

He was satisfied, but I felt my response was lame. How would some of you answer that question? And is there anything the average consumer can do to directly help the bees? The more I think about it, the less I think I know.

Somewhat jokingly, people tell me they want to help the bees by buying a jar of my locally-produced honey. I find such magnaminity only really helps me.

Jackson, MO