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    Default Weak swarms from drought questions

    I have four colonies that all came from swarms that did not build up well due to a severe drought we experience this summer. Two are in one yard, one of them has built out a deep very well and looks fairly good but nothing above that. The other had drawn out about four frames when the drought hit and thats about where they are now. I was going to combine these two and take a medium super of surplus and put on them. I winter with a deep and medium here in VA. The other two are in a different yard and both of these are small and have only abou three to four frames drawn out. I thought about making a nuc out of these two, do you think they will make it through winter? I have never had a nuc or tried to get one through winter. Would this be a lost cause?

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    What have you got to lose! I would combine then into 1 nuc and place that nuc on top of a robust hive and see what happens. I would make a candy board and place it on top of the nuc for feed. I have done this in central Michigan and had very robust nuc's in the spring but I have also lost some. I call this learning.
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