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    Default Honey - bad, pawpaws-good

    The girls didn't work hard enough this year. I was getting two hives ready for winter (flipped the inner cover and moved a few frames around) and the two new packages only drew out 24 medium frames each so no extra for me. This compared to 64 new frames last year from a new package. Big difference was the feeding. Last year I fed until end of June. This year I only fed for two weeks after installation.

    Lesson learned...unless it is a great Spring, feed, feed, feed when starting on undrawn foundation.

    On a positve note, it was a perfect day for pawpaws. They were just dropping so I beat the coons and skunks and got about 8 pounds of pawpaws.

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    besides eating pawpaws fresh, is there any other way that you use them? they are notorious for not having any shelf life, so do you know of any way to preserve them besides a jelly? (say freeze them or can a "paste"?)


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