Hello, my name is Drake Dunivan. I live in League City, TX. I have been interested in getting started into Beekeeping for a long time now, I started gathering my gear and storing it till next spring. Unfortunately, some hurricane named Ike decided to hit the coastal region of TX (more importantly it decided to strike Galveston County fairly hard, League City is in Galveston County).

The gear did not fair well in 100+ mph winds nor the 8ft storm surge from Clear Lake (Clear Lake feeds Galveston Bay), so all my gear that was outside simply vanished. I was practically set for next spring (minus a decapping tool(s) and extractor, etc)

Since, I am not able to replace my gear (and its going to be awhile) I started looking online for forums to gather more information and perhaps share some knowledge (though very limited). Perhaps, within the next year of time, things around here settle down and people rebuild up and I find another job fairly quick (Lost my job cause the storm wiped it out , the storm caused me $3k of my saving funds almost wiping me out (evac, fuel, repairs, etc), and some looters broke in to my house.. yay looters!)

Anyways, I hope it doesn't sound like I am ranting. This just intended to explain what brought me here. Hopefully, I posted int he right forum.

Drake Dunivan