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Thread: 60 lb cans?

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    Default 60 lb cans?

    What ever happened to the 60 lb cans? My old bee mags show them, but I don't see them today. Are they totally gone or are they still used somewhere? If they are totally gone...when were they discontinued?

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    I think the advent of usiing stainless steel for food products did in the steel cans. Don't know when that was. I have a bunch of new ones from a honey house I cleaned out. It had not been used for about 20 years. I think they are good for syrup
    but wouldn't use them for honey.
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    When I first started, everything was cans. They were really terrible honey containers. First, the handles weren't soldered on well enough, and would let do when you picked up a full can...landing it on your toe.

    And, they rusted. Moisture would condense on the outside of full cans, and the can would rust. Not pretty when you shipped to customers.


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