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    Reminder Honey Robber vs Bee Quick

    I am supposed to collect a bit of honey for my niece when she comes this weekend. I contacted the local beeindustry leader who informed me that Bee-Quick isn't available anymore and that they only have Honey Robber. I have never, ever used any chemicals on my bees, I puffed some modelers glue on one, one time and they went letterally sting crazy.. missed me though.

    I have a kind of no chem policy but my dad is insisting. Tell me, do the bees change after you chem them, or should I just tell them to tough it and take a frame out and shake it like I usually do?(shaking is a new kind of chemical bee flush used by the old antient bee keepers before chemical fume boards were invented) explanations available on request. HEY how do you use this stuff anway?
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    Honey robber versus bee-quick=skunk versus teddy bear.

    After smelling honey robber and putting it on my hive, I wouldn't eat the honey.
    Shaking and/or brushing is much better if bee-quick isn't available.

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    Default honey robber

    They use a fume board,it is like a lid but it doesn!t hang over the hive body,it!s the same demension as the hive.It has a metal cover painted black on top and felt glued to the under side to apply the bee-go.JUst remove the top cover and enter cover,set fume board on top and wait 5 to 10 min.Their easy to make or you can get them at most bee supplies.Good to use on a mean hive.I like to make a walk board about 31/2 to 4 ft. long and the width of the front enterance of the hive and I even put side rails on it.I lay it in the front entrance shake the bees off on it and brush what!s left on the walk board.The bees will smell the queens pheromne and march in like little soldiers.It!s funny to watch

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    Why not pull a frame or two and and shake it now? I'm assuming the issue with "no shaking" is so bees don't fly all over your niece. Do it before she arrives. Let her help with the extraction and bottling.
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