Been doing lab testing this past month and was surprized by the results and findings.

I tested the four major pollen sub manufactors on the market today, this was in patty form just as the bees would eat, this WAS NOT IN DRY FORM.

I compared them to mine. The main was the "FAT & PROTEIN" profiles.

Keith's patty has : FAT, over 9% & PROTEIN, over 16% .

There is still much to learn & test, if we take the bee pollen, it has many different parts to it.

Only one patty had more protein than mine with a differance of 1.25 % but was lower in the fat by 8%.

The rest fell way short in at least one of the catigories.

Then you have suppliers (manufactures) saying how they have more protein and they give you a chart using Brewers Yeast, Feedbee,BeePro ect... We should be comparing finished product, ie, what the bees eat.

This, BTW, is all percent of DRY WEIGHT, I tested theirs in the one pound patty form that they sell, the protein content was a little over 10% & there fat was less than half of mine.

Again, I tested all in patty form just as the bees eat it, anything less is insignificant!

Hold on.... OK, go ahead, I'm under the bus now .