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    Default Syrup concentration

    In the spring we feed 1:1 syrup. In the fall we feed 2:1 syrup. Why? Is it just because it takes the bees less time to dehydrate it, or does it help slow the queen down. I have three new hives with frames that are not drawn out I would like to get the bees to draw these out and fill them with syrup for winter. Is this possible? I went through the hives yesterday and they are still booming. Lots of brood and scads of bees. There was some new wax being drawn. I have fed these bees twice already (two gallons + fumidil) and will feed again today.
    Thanks for your help

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    2:1 offers the advantage of being easier to finish off (reducing water) than 1:1. It also offers more bang for the buck as in for each delivery to a cell, the potential energy is higher and requires less hive energy to get to the capping stage.

    If your bees perceive the need to collect and store honey and, if they don't currently have the space AND, if the weather is reasonable enough, they will pull wax and store syrup.
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