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    Default Help moving bees

    Can anyone help me move bees from Saratoga Springs Ny to Bristol CT. I;m moving for work and don't have a pick up truck. The mileage is about 350 round trip. I have three two story hives to move. I would be willing to pay off course. I hoping for the 1st or 2nd week of Oct.

    If nothing else, what recommendations do you have for moving hives with a full honey super on top?


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    I can't personally come and move you, and you don't have a truck, but what are you using to make the move? A car? A rented moving van?

    If you have a car, you could remove the supers and remove the bees from the supers, strap the hivestacks and move in the trunk of your car. Load them up at dusk and move them overnight. If you can't move them overnight, then load them up at dusk and leave for new location as early in the morning as you possibly can, at least before or at sunrise.

    If you using a moving van, same thing applies, load them up and move them.

    Removing the supers first makes the hives lighter and less bulky to be moving, you can always put them back on after moved to new location.


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