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Thread: Hive Beetles

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    Default Hive Beetles

    Finding more beetles than I like to see ,anybody have a treatment to slow them down or rid them while doing their mite treatment?

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    Default Shb

    I can't speak from experience, but supposedly formic acid will drive SHB out of the hive. It may be possible to do formic treatments then move the hives.

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    Default red bee

    Hi redbee this is aj from Australia i see you have small hive beetle problem the beetle eaters have worked really well here in Australia i have 4 hives for research i have now got 8000 beetles over a period of 11 months out of my four hives no laughing matter.You need to insert ajs beetle eater into your hives straight away.Due to the fact that your fall is approaching it it very wise to apply the beetle eaters through your winter as shb cluster on the top bars therefore any shb you eliminate is one less in spring good luck aj


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