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    Default Sourwood with a touch of Aster?

    I've waited too long to pull supers from the late summer sourwood flow. After the best spring flow in my beekeeping history I can't complain about the less bountiful summer, but what I've ended up with is many supers partially filled with predominantly sourwood which now, I'm guessing from the smell of things, have been filled out with aster and goldenrod.

    I've always heard the the aster and goldenrod was the bees' honey to store after we'd made off with the sourwood, never heard much about its flavor.

    We run double deeps and winter stores are very good, so pulling these supers wouldn't be detrimental to the ladies. OK, all you honey connoisseurs - if we extracted this now would it be tasty? Smelly? Any wisdom to offer?

    Many thanks.
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    Jim Fisher says "Harvest early and harvest often." I agree totally.

    Whenever it is ready, I harvest it. I try to tell people what it was made from to the best of my ability, and these weird varieties (and mixtures) are often great flavors. They are one of a kind creations and best enjoyed for what they are...... natures bounty.

    Creating the right conditions for the bees to make single variety honey's is an art form too. Just do what you can and enjoy it for what it is. You can't control everything.

    I had a honey taste tonight at my local bee meeting that was blackberry with something else mixed in and it won first place among about 20 different entries. It was great.

    My Orange Blossom entry took second place in the black jar and I think it was great too.

    There was another unnamed variety that was also quite distinct and excellent too, but the beek did not know for sure what it was made from, so it was a one of a kind deal. Excellent in any case, but totally unique.


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