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    Default I need a honey house

    was out extracting this morning, in the garage. I was only through 2 supers before the girls found me. I usually extract at night so this hasnt bee a problem before.
    I wonder how long it will be before the girls decide to go back home? Will they leave by dark so i can finish xtracting?

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    First thing "keep da door closed"

    Now turn off the lights and leave to door open a couple inches and they will go to the light, ask me how I know!!
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    I know, I'm a bad person.

    If you allow those bees to go home, they will recruit help to recover the found honey.
    Close the doors and windows and kill the SOB's.

    Perhaps tomorrow, you move it into the house with the doors and windows closed.


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    Having been there, done that prior to building my honey house, I had problems with the wife and kids leaving the door open. My first rule was KEEP THE DOOR SHUT!

    When rule #1 wasn't followed, I left the doors open, allowed the bees to rob and go back home after dark. Then I closed and sealed the doors. The next day the bees were bumping up against every door, window, and brick thinking they could get in. I then extracted at night, which helps, but once those girls know you got the good stuff behind the door, they want in. This seems to last for several days.

    Yeah, build a honey house, if nothing more than one of those portable buildings.

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