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    Big Grin 'Don't feed thymolated syrup before using Apiguard. Apiguard causes robbing!

    I have been feeding thymolated syrup and I noticed that when I drove into the yard that the bees were searching all over my truck. I had placed a small piece of the aluminum sided cardboard with a small amount of Apiguard on it from the last application that was thrown out the entrance by the bees. At first I dismissed the observation. I thought to myself about why would the bees be attracted to my foam coffee cup? I counted over 27 bees in the cup. I had tossed the Apiguard cardboard into the cup. It was onley about one square inch in size.
    Two days later I opened an Apiguard tub to apply a 1/2 dose to a single brood chamber hive and a double hive. The robber bees did not become attracted to the tub untile I removed the shrink wrap and lid. :mad: Then all purgatory broke lose! The robbing bees landed on the top of the Apiguard as I was mixing it as per instructions and piled up about an inch deep around the bottom of the tub!
    The next morning I checked to see how the 1/2 dose was working as I did not want the bees to abscond and the robbing was furious all around the single and the double. Both hives had entrances reduced to one inch to prevent robbing
    It's obvious that the robber bees became conditioned to seek a free meal by the smell of thymol.
    I have a queen mating nuc yard within 50' of the robbing and they were unscathed!.
    I hope this helps to inform you about Apiguard and thymolated syrup.
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