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    Default small packaging?

    I have had a request from a small local resturant for small 1 oz honey to go in take out for the corn bread
    any one know of a cheap packaging? my guess this could be to messy?
    what about making creamed honey in those little cups that some places put suace in??? i just dont know any ideas? to costly time consuming ect?

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    In order to determine if it's "too time consuming", I guess we'd have to know how much you're making PER little cup (commonly known as a souffle ("SOO-flay") cup).

    The amount of honey (1 oz.) is about 30-cents? Packaging (cup and lid) is in single digit pennies? And, what's your time worth?

    Subtract your costs from what the restaurant is paying you, and that'll let you know if it's "too time consuming" or not.

    Other packaging, such as 1 oz. glass hex bottles are available, but your costs will go up to about 50 cents per jar, just for packaging.



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