Hire Military!
First, a Big Thank You to all of you who served!

Now my real point; it comes from experience, I owned a large construction company and the work requirements are very similar to Bee keeping. Start out with low pay, hard hot back-breaking work. I hired guys off the street, from labor sources like labor finders, and I ran ads looking for folks for hire. The best guys I got were either in the military or recently got out. Here is why:
Reliable, show up for work everyday as they are used to.
No drug or alcohol issues, not an option in the military.
Good followers, accustomed to taking orders.
Good leaders, especially after 20 years they were in charge of someone...
Used to travel, average Vets moved 7 times in their career, not including deployments!
Good work ethics.

And don't we owe these guys for risking it all for our Freedom?
Because folks, freedom isn't Free...